Why is New York State currently the most vulnerable worldwide to the coronavirus pandemic?

160,000 infected with the new covid-19 virus or known as coronavirides have been confirmed in all of New York, they have the highest number of infections on the planet so far and an average of 8,000 cases of death.

Why has the pandemic hitting 19 million people affected New York so much? Did you underestimate yourself to take action to prevent the worst?

The answers to some questions after 40 days after the first one appeared that tested positive for the fearsome virus in the largest city in the world and in the United States.

Was New York more vulnerable in this global pandemic?

Andrew Cuomo said it repeatedly. With a population of 8 million 600 thousand pesos in New York, it is a very large city with a high number of people, an average of 10,000 people per km2. Making it a suitable space for any infectious disease to re-emerge in such a large society.
In addition to that add to the idea the number of passengers who use the city’s public transport on a daily basis taking this virus everywhere on the subway, mainly where there is a high rate of crowding every day.

It is also one of the world’s leading tourist destinations: it receives more than 60 million tourists every year.

Confirmed sources of the best epidemiologists in the country confirmed that the virus was first brought in February from Europe. A study published in the educational blog Clever in March listed the Big Apple as the most prone and vulnerable city to a pandemic in the entire United States above Miami, Washington, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

This mega city will have high rates of socioeconomic inequality and crowding of people in extremes in areas such as the Bronx or Queens. It is the place where many people in this sector have serious health problems and a low level of medical care due to a lack of resources to access them, which is why it is one of the areas most frightened by this fearful pandemic that reigns the coronavirus. An alarming case is to see that 1,200 people are infected by every 100,000 inhabitants who live there vs. Manhattan, which has 611 people infected by every 100,000 inhabitants.

Due to the lack of resources of people in this sector of the city and the exaggerated number of people residing in this area of ​​the city, the idea that this area would be one of the most disadvantaged in the entire country can be affirmed, explains the teacher of Columbia University Irwin Redlener Public Health.

Has the government system across the country underestimated the coronavirus?

The first case to test positive for the virus in New York was on March 2. The next day, in a public way, the Governor said that this mega city has the best health system in the world. He did not believe that the situation became a real ordeal for everyone.

After having some doubts, it was confirmed by the mayor bill that all the schools, restaurants and bars in the city and the state were closed immediately on March 16.

Did it take too long to activate the quarantine?

Many were thinking of closing all the places where people had social contact with many more people, therefore, in the meantime, the confusing message between closing and not closing saw the consequences that the big apple faces today.

What do you think?

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