Students from Argentina propose bill on crypto currencies in the National Congress

The second edition of the «Role Change» program was held at the Argentine National Congress, with the participation of students from nine universities across the country.

This is a simulation organized by the Circle of Legislators of the Nation and the Institute of Strategic Studies and International Relations (IEERI). On this occasion the debate was about regulation of cryptocurrencies. This was reported by on June 6.

It counts the publication of, the students who participated came from the careers of political science, international relations and economy, among others. The initiative allowed them to take the role of a legislator, to raise projects on the selected topic, going through each of the legislative stages until debating its sanction in the national Congress.

In this edition participated the universities of Buenos Aires, San Andrés, Torcuato Di Tella, Nacional de Tucumán, Nacional de Rosario, Nacional de la Matanza, Nacional del Comahue, Nacional de Cuyo and la Católica de La Plata. The main objective is for university students to understand and experience the complexity of the legislative process.

About the project’s

«Cryptocurrencies must be understood as a new concept of money or means of exchange, for the purchase of goods and services, whose transactions are 100 percent digital through virtual platforms, and whose value calculation can be made to a legal currency of any country in the world», bases the project.

On the official website of the Chamber of Deputies, they reported on the activities carried out by the students: «After treatment in committees, the bill on the regulation of crypto currencies in Argentina obtained a majority opinion in the Finance Commission. The students discussed the initiative regarding the realization of financial transactions through a digital means of exchange».

After an intense debate, the university students met at the Parliamentary Labor Commission held in the Delia Parodi Hall of the Legislative Palace. There, they made a brief analysis of the project and elaborated the consensual proposals

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