Essential oils to care for dry skin

Essential oils are an effective solution for nourishing dry skin, which, in addition to providing extreme hydration, reduce irritation and keep the skin always soft and firm.

Many of the oils recommended for this type of skin contain vitamins such as A, E, K, and D, fatty acids such as omega 6, 6 and omega 9, giving it wonderful effects. In turn, they possess various antioxidants that reduce the risk of premature skin aging.

Depending on the benefits, the following oils are recommended:

Almond oil: it is rich in fatty acids, so it gives the skin extreme nutrition.  It is ideal for those skin that are irritated, and even recommended for use in baby skins.

Neroli oil: is perfect to relieve irritation. It is recommended for people who have very sensitive skin, as it helps to better preserve their hydration and elasticity.

Avocado oil: it is an excellent regenerator and skin protector, and even prevents the appearance of expression lines. It is rich in fatty acids which makes it a wonderful antioxidant, retarding premature aging and protecting skin cells.

Mandarin oil: is known as an excellent cellular rejuvenator, because it helps heal scars on the skin, stimulates blood circulation and gives softness to the skin.

Nut oil: helps revitalize the skin, giving it a tone and softness. In the same way, it provides hydration and nutrition, ideal to prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

Rose Stick Oil: soothes symptoms of irritated skin, and at the same time,  helps eliminate dead cells and accumulated impurities. It works best to prevent lines of expression and wrinkles.

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