Coronavirus in the world: United States beat Italy in deaths

The North American country reached 19,700 deaths from the disease, beating the Europeans, who had reported the highest number of deaths in the last month.The number of deaths from coronavirus in the United States eclipsed that of Italy on Saturday as the highest in the world, with more than 19,700 deaths, according to the count by Johns Hopkins University. Meanwhile.

Chicago and other cities in the north-central part of the country are preparing for a possible rebound in deaths and are mobilizing to control outbreaks of contagion before they explode. Towards noon USA USA it surpassed Italy with more than 18,850 deaths, and shortly thereafter Italy reported a new total of nearly 19,500. Subsequently, EE.

USA reported over 19,700 deaths. In recent days, the daily death toll has gradually decreased in Italy, while increasing rapidly in the United States. Johns Hopkins figures are based on data provided by health authorities around the world. The actual data on deaths and infections is believed to be much higher due to weak clinical tests, different ways of counting, and, in some cases, cover-ups by some governments. As the New York metropolitan area is overwhelmed by the number of cases, fear grows that the contagion will spread to the center of the country.

Twenty-four residents of a nursing home attacked by covid-19 died in Indiana. In Chicago a morgue was built with a maximum capacity of 2,000 bodies. Additionally, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot walks the streets on foot to dispel crowds. «Break up!» He says.Several Europua countries used police helicopters, barricades and drones to prevent and prevent any inhabitant from traveling this Easter weekend. Additionally, by reducing contagion in Italy, Spain and other countries, governments took tentative steps towards partially lifting the restrictions on public life, in force for weeks.

«Don’t be silly,» said Domenico Arcuri, Italy’s special commissioner for the virus’s emergency. He added, «Use your good judgment to stay home. Please maintain the same responsible behavior so that we all avoid something worse. All the severity of the coronavirus was mobilized from China to the United States and Europe. which currently has more than 500,000 infected.

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